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This template can be used for weekly (or monthly) bulletins.  It renders the IMAGE, LINK and PUBLISH DATE. The Item Template needs the [EDIT] token (so that you can correct or delete items if necessary).  The primary benefit of this technique (instead of using the Documents module) is that you can make use of EXPIRE DATES or History (from the Settings) to have bulletins automatically disappear (keeping the list of bulletins more manageable for visitors and editors). (Multiple columns is not possible with the Announcements module. To achieve a multi-column list, you would need the Form and List module with a custom XSLT rendering.)

Item Template:
<div align="center">[EDIT]<a href="[URL]"><img src="/portals/0/[RAWIMAGE]" width="400"/><br/>[PUBLISHDATE]</a><br/><br/></div>

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