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Quote of the Week-

Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” -Nelson Mandela


IXL- Begins 9-7-2017!!!

 Students should be practicing their Langauage Arts skills on a daily basis with this on-line program. This is a mandatory assignment. All students need to practice 1 hour a week, for a total of 4 (or 5) hours per month. Points for this assignment will be added to Powerschool.  

Google Classroom: Check Google Classroom daily for assignments.

AR- For the first trimester, students are mandated to complete one book, test, paper, and project in MLA format, before TBA. Information and a contract will be sent home on next week. 

Extra Credit Information: Students must have a C average or better to be eligible for extra credit.  

Classroom Activities: 

Grammar:  All classes are working on Writing.  6th Grade-Personal Narrative, 7th Grade-Expository, and 8th Grade-Persuasive-Argumentative Essays.

Reading:  6th Grade- Elijah of Buxton book. 7th Grade- Echo, and 8th Grade- The Adventures of Ulysses

Writing: We will continue to be working with the Lucy Calkins writing series in direct preparation for the Aspire tests in the spring of 2018. 


New orders are due before TBA

Ordering online is fast and easy! 

-VISIT: Club

-ENTER the one-time class activation code:  NKXXG

-SHOP from a carefully curated selection of books

-SUBMIT your order

Image result for cartoon novelSSR NOVEL INFORMATION  / ACCELERATED READER 

EXTRA! EXTRA! SSR NOVELS, TESTS, PAPERS and PROJECTS have begun!  You must have a "C" or better in order to be eligible for extra credit!  

   ASPIRE and High School Placement Free Online Test Prep:

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Students: Here are several fabulous online grammar activities that you can play at home to further develop your grammar, writing, and reading skills. These activities make for excellent test preparation. Have fun and make sure to ask your parents permission before visiting these webpages. › 7-12 Student Interactives















Class News

Welcome to Mrs. Treacy-Odom's LA Webpage!


Course Description

Students will review and expand upon the skills developed during JR. High LA. The focus will be on literature, grammar, composition, and vocabulary. Students will be expected to read and analyze various genres of literature, write multi-paragraph essays, and participate in all classroom activities.


Required Materials

Large Binder with Dividers (Tabs)

Looseleaf Paper

A red two pocket folder 

A blue or black pen

Colored Pencils

Multi-Colored Post It Notes

Index Cards

Large Zip Lock Bags (1 Box)

Sticky Notes


Teaching Philosophy

It is my expectation that all students will reach their full potential in this course by utilizing critical thinking skills, employing various language arts strategies, and engaging in cooperative learning activities. This will be accomplished by implementing various appropriate learning strategies, suitable use of technology, and multiple forms of assessment. Students can expect to work in groups as well as independently. It is my belief that all students can be successful in LA through hard work and determination. In order for success to take place in this course, a student must attend class on a regular basis, participate in classroom discussion and activities, take accurate daily notes, do all homework assignments, and most importantly to ask for help when needed. Expect to be challenged on a daily basis. If we work together, I am certain that we will have a productive year. Please remember that I am here to help you!


Main Books

Google Chrome Book

Elements of Literature

Writers Choice Grammar and Composition

Class Novels

Sustained Silent Reading Material (Extrra Credit- A student must have a "C" or better to qualify for any offered extra credit)


Homework Policy

Homework will be assigned and due dates will be given.  Missed homework is your responsibility.

On Time-grading starts at an A

1 day late- grading starts at a B

2 days late- grading starts at a C

No late work will be accepted if it is more than two days late.


Behavior Expectations

There are two rights in this classroom:  I have the right to teach and you have the right to learn. I will hold students accountable for abusing either of these rights. Unless your disruption warrants something more drastic, I will give you a simple warning for the first offense. Students who are blatantly disrespectful, insubordinate, or endangering to others will be immediately issued a detention. Keep this in mind: it is true both in our classroom and the real world that YOU are the only one responsible for your choices and ALL of your choices have consequences.

Please refer to the student handbook for all behavior expectations and consequences.


Classroom Expectations

1. Be on time and be prepared to work as soon as you enter class.

2. Follow the correct volume levels for each activity.

3. Be respectful, be responsible, and be cooperative at all times

4. Follow teacher directions the very first time they are given

5. Always put forth your best effort

6. Keep your work environment neat and clean

Grades-based on information from the IJP Student Handbook