Welcome to IJP School!  My name is Carol Johnson and this is a calendar/link site for my Fourth Grade classroom.  If you have any questions or need to contact me, please email me at: cjohnson@ijpschool.org. 

Class News


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Religion:  This week, we are learning about the liturgical year and preparing for Advent.  We will have a test on Advent and Christmas this Friday.   We are also researching saints which will be a long term project.  Students will research a saint and create a google slide which they will present.  This will be an in-school assignment. 

Fourth Grade Reading:  We will focus on the structure of a story and practice identifying how a story is organized.  This will be a very busy week.  Monday, we are taking a trip to Marian Catholic high school.  On Tuesday, we will have a band concert in the morning and Reconciliation in the afternoon.  

Fifth Grade Reading:  We will focus on the structure of a story and practice identifying how a story is organized.

Science 208:  Our focus for the next few weeks will be earth science.  We will learn about the layers of earth, oceans, soil, weather and climate and natural disasters.  We will read Earth - Space science week 6 To Protect and Conserve.  We will take a test on this newspaper Wednesday Dec. 20th.

STEAM:  We will spend the next few months learning about physical science.  This week we are taking a field trip to Marian High School.  We will also walk to the library on Thursday and Friday to begin research renewable and non-renewable resources.


We are studying the layers of the Earth.  Students will complete this project by Sept. 22.