Welcome to IJP School!  My name is Carol Johnson and this is a calendar/link site for my Fourth Grade classroom.  If you have any questions or need to contact me, please email me at: cjohnson@ijpschool.org. 

Class News


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Religion:  This week, we are studying about the Commandments and Forgiveness.  Test on chapter 15Friday. 

Fourth Grade Reading:  We are reading and analyzing poetry.   

Fifth Grade Reading:  We are reading an article about how the Phoenician alphabet influenced the Greek alphabet.  The students are choosing a language and using a google slide to teach us how the language originated.  

Science 208:  We are learning about organisms.  The test will be on Wednesday.  

STEAM:  Thank you to all who have donated money or volunteered to help us in our courtyard.  We are hoping to invite the school to see our progress this week.  We are hoping to invite the STEAM parents to visit as well at the end of the school year.  More to come. 


We are studying the layers of the Earth.  Students will complete this project by Sept. 22.