Infant Jesus of Prague School is a Christian family, founded in God’s love.

Mindful of the fact that God lives in each one of us, we believe that everyone deserves to be treated in a respectful manner.

“Whatever you do to these, the least of My brothers, you do unto Me.”        (Matthew 25:40)


In view of this philosophy; our focus and expectations are as follows:


  • What we believe of ourselves affects our relationships with others. Therefore, it is important that our self respect be established and fostered.


  • Honesty and integrity are at the very heart of God’s people. Stealing, lying, destroying property or cheating in any form affects us all, and will not be tolerated.


  • Cultural diversity is one of our most precious gifts. We will always work toward an appreciation of the richness that a diverse population brings to our lives.


  • Problems with relationships will inevitably occur: We trust that all members of our school community will work to resolve their conflicts in a just and peaceful manner. In the event that these encounters are unsuccessful, intervention and assistance will be readily accessible.


  • We are all people of God. Hurtful behaviors such as name-calling, ridicule, bullying, mean spirited teasing and making others feel excluded have no part in our dealings with others and are never acceptable.


  • God has given us intelligence in various forms, along with so many other gifts as well. We will use those gifts to the best of our ability. We will accept the challenge to be the best that we can be.


  • Competition is a valued part of society. We will encourage a healthy balance between competition and cooperation in academics, sports and other activities. We will always seek to be supportive of “win-win” situations.