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Genealogical certificates or information produced from sacramental registers are confined to records prior to January 1, 1926.  Any researcher can request a sacramental record from a closed parish prior to this date.  After that date, these records are only available to the person in the record or, if that person is deceased, his/her immediate next-of-kin.  To obtain the deceased family member's sacramental certificate, the requester must provide the Archives and Records Center with proof of that person's death (an original copy of the death certificate or a notarized photocopy) and proof of relation to the deceased person (an original birth or marriage certificate or a notarized photocopy).  A complete and detailed genealogy policy can be found here.  Record requests forms can be found here.

If you are interested in browsing sacramental registers for all parishes online, at no cost, click here for a list of parishes.  All sacramental records on this site go up to 1915, some go as far as 1925.  You are also welcome to make an appointment to view sacramental records up to 1915 on microfilm at our facility.  Please email to request a viewing appointment.


Bochar, Jack. Locations of Chicago Roman Catholic Churches, 1850-1900. Geneva IL. : Bochar Jack, 1990.  Click here for a .pdf of this book - including a map of the city of Chicago, updated every 5 years, lists of parishes arranged by begin date, ethnicity, and alphabetically, status of parish and where records are located.  Click here to download the data of these parishes in an Excel spreadsheet (address, begin/end date, status, ethnicity).


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